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Domestic & Workplace Conflict Resolution

Nancy McGahey, M.A.

Utah Master Mediator

Helping people resolve their differences since 1988

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Interpersonal and Workplace Conflict

Nancy began mediating conflict in 1988 and has worked with a range of disputes.  Over the past two decades, she has focused her practice on domestic and workplace contexts. Nancy comes to mediation from a communication perspective, having completed a Masters degree in Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication from the University of New Mexico.

Mediation is a problem-solving process that gives control over the outcome to the parties most effected by the dispute. A mediator's role is to guide the parties in conflict through the decision-making process. A mediator helps parties express what matters most, overcome communication barriers that block the way for mutual understanding, and move toward settlement agreements that meet the interests of both sides in the dispute.

Attorneys are often part of the mediation process. The attorney's role is to support their client, provide information to assist the decision-making process, and offer advice to help their client make important decisions. This is a very different role from being in court, where attorneys speak on behalf of their client and advocate strongly on their client's behalf to persuade the judge to side with their position. In mediation, the attorney is there to provide advice and guidance to the client in the pursuit of a resolution to which both sides can agree. Attorneys are also helpful in drafting legal stipulations to formalize an agreement.

Nancy mediates from a client-centered perspective, honoring the first principle of mediation, self determination. She always respects the clients' interests and decisions. While clients retain control over final decisions, she helps them overcome barriers to understanding and challenges thinking to reveal contradictions and inconsistencies as a way to help clients see the situation from different perspectives.

Sometimes attorneys feel that their clients are best served by hiring a retired judge or experienced lawyer who will offer an evaluation of the legal aspects of the case. This can be very helpful, especially when the attorneys have questions about how the court will view a case. Nancy does not provide case evaluation. 

Often, however, parties in conflict are more interested in feeling heard and understood, and participating in a process that helps both sides converge on mutually agreeable terms of resolution. Nancy can be helpful in these situations. When needed, Nancy will prepare a Memorandum of Understanding to memorialize the terms of agreement. Clients or attorneys may use this document to create a legal stipulation, if needed.

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