Oquirrh Mountain Mediation

Nancy McGahey, Mediator

Domestic & Workplace Conflict Resolution

About the Mediator

Nancy McGahey has been mediating conflict since 1988 after she completed mediator training in Albuquerque while studying at the University of New Mexico. Since that time, Nancy has mediated conflict in a wide range of contexts from small claims civil disputes to family matters. 

Nancy holds two Masters degrees from the University of New Mexico: one in Communication with an emphasis in Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication, and a second in Training and Learning Technologies with an emphasis in Instructional Design. Her professional background includes positions in education, corporate training, and human services.

Over the past two decades, Nancy has focused her mediation practice in the domestic and workplace arenas, emphasizing conflicts that arise from divorce, parentage, custody, and interpersonal workplace contexts.

Nancy is a Utah Court-qualified Divorce Mediator, Master Mediator, Mediation Primary Trainer, and Domestic Mediation Mentor. Before entering private practice, she served 15 years as the Executive Director for Utah Dispute Resolution, a Utah non-profit mediation center. As the UDR Director, she managed the organization's programs, provided financial oversight, oversaw fund-raising efforts, and served as primary trainer for UDR's instructional seminars. During her tenure at UDR, Nancy taught and mentored hundreds of mediators throughout Utah and in neighboring states. Nancy has served as a mediator with the Co-Parenting Mediation Program in Utah's Third Judicial District since 2002.