Oquirrh Mountain Mediation

Nancy McGahey, Mediator

Domestic & Workplace Conflict Resolution

Fees & Payments

Mediation Fees

The fee for mediation is $160 per hour, which is typically shared equally between the parties in dispute ($80 per person per hour), unless otherwise arranged. A minimum of two hours will be charged for all mediations. The mediation fee applies to all time that the mediator spends in mediation activities (see "Terms" below).


The fee for mediation includes time spent prior to a mediation reviewing documents or pre-mediation briefs as well as time spent in joint session or in  caucus (private sessions) with each side. This hourly rate also extends to time spent preparing a summary of agreements reached during mediation, if needed.

Meeting Space

If the mediator arranges a space to convene the mediation, then a deposit of one hour will be expected in advance ($80 per person). This deposit is fully refundable if the mediator is notified of cancelation at least seven (7) days in advance. The deposit will be applied to the mediation fee, if the mediation convenes.

If both sides agree, mediations may be scheduled to take place in one attorney's office. In this scenario, no advance deposit will be requested.


Payment is expected at the conclusion of each mediation session. No invoices or installment plans are provided. Payment is welcome by cash, check, or credit/debit card.